Walks & Waterfalls is a unique treasure trail app and multimedia experience. A brand new way of discovering  Scotland through an interactive experience that maps out hidden paths, unearths secret histories and allows the user to rediscover the wonders of Scotland’s natural environment and cultural heritage.

Whilst ‘Munro bagging’ has been a Scottish passion since the 1970’s, it’s a little known fact that the Victorians have been ‘bagging’ waterfalls since the turn of last century and that there are well over 800 waterfalls compared to a mere 282 Munros.

So writes Robert Burns in 1787; –

‘After breakfast we made a party to go and see Cauldron Linn, a remarkable cascade in the Devon basin, and after spending one of the most pleasant days I have ever had in my life, I returned to Stirling in the evening’

Taking a grand tour of Scotland and visiting the spectacular waterfalls, became a national obsession with Turner, Walter Scott, Byron and Queen Victoria herself leading the vanguard.

But since those heady Victorian days the paths have become overgrown, and  many of the waterfalls have all but disappeared from our maps. Yet these hidden natural gems are all around us in the unlikeliest locations; by the side of a motorway, near city centres and up hidden paths, in the last great wilderness that is Scotland. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Now Walks & Waterfalls sets out to re-discover the Victorian passion, in a new digital experience, sparking a national treasure hunt, mapping out hidden locations and paths to over 800 waterfalls in a specially designed app.

The app offers prizes & incentives, allowing users to ‘bag’ hidden Waterfalls; discover wild swimming places, forrest walks & nearby cultural attractions. The app will feature digital leaderboards; interactive OS mapping; ability to up-load routes and social media allowing the user to discover Scotland in a whole new way.

Walks & Waterfalls partners include; Ordnance Survey; Geovation; Visit Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.

At the heart of the app is an environmental message – in order to preserve and enhance our precious country side Walks & Waterfalls will actively support tree planting and re-wilding schemes.

Alongside the app, Walks & Waterfalls will publish a special edition coffee table book, with quotes and entries from the likes of; Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, Byron, Wordsworth and Turner, as well as a host of contemporary artist, poets and film makers. These entries will appear alongside images from award winning photographer Oscar Van Heek.

Walks & Waterfalls aims to inspire the contemporary traveler seeking respite from modern living. Walks & Waterfalls Scotland presents a unique digital and out-door experience, and will be launched in 2021. After the Scottish launch, Walks & Waterfalls will be rolled out the the rest of the UK, followed by world launch, creating a unique global brand.

Oscar van Heek has been nominated for the SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2019
 Contact: [email protected]

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