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It has long been established that spending time in the great outdoors   is of great benefit for physical and mental wellbeing, and nothing seems to calm the mind more than contemplating the majesty of waterfalls in their natural setting. Walks & Waterfalls is a unique multi platform  experience allowing users to discover Scotland in a brand new way. 

Whilst ‘Munro bagging’ has been a Scottish passion since the 1970’s, it’s a little known fact that the Victorians have been ‘bagging’ waterfalls since the turn of last century and that there are well over 800 waterfalls compared to a mere 282 Munros.

So writes Robert Burns in 1787; –

‘After breakfast we made a party to go and see Cauldron Linn, a remarkable cascade in the Devon basin, and after spending one of the most pleasant days I have ever had in my life, I returned to Stirling in the evening’

Taking a grand tour of Scotland and visiting the spectacular waterfalls, became a national obsession with Turner, Walter Scott, Byron and Queen Victoria herself leading the vanguard. [/one_third]


But since those heady Victorian days the paths have become overgrown, and  many of the waterfalls have all but disappeared from our maps. Yet these hidden natural gems are all around us in the unlikeliest locations; by the side of a motorway, near city centres and up hidden paths, in the last great wilderness that is Scotland. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Now Walks & Waterfalls sets out to re-discover the Victorian passion, in a new digital experience, sparking a national treasure hunt, mapping out hidden locations and paths to over 800 waterfalls in a specially designed app.

The app offers prizes & incentives, allowing users to ‘bag’ hidden Waterfalls; discover wild swimming places, forrest walks & nearby cultural attractions. The app will feature digital leaderboards; interactive OS mapping; ability to up-load routes and social media allowing the user to discover Scotland in a whole new way.

Walks & Waterfalls partners include; Ordnance Survey; Geovation; Visit Scotland.



At the heart of the app is an environmental message – in order to preserve and enhance our precious country side Walks & Waterfalls will actively support tree planting and re-wilding schemes.

Alongside the app, Walks & Waterfalls will publish a series of Guide books with exquisite photographs by Oscar van Heek, together with OS maps detailing 100 walks & waterfalls in; Scotland; Ireland; Wales and England. Whilst the  app is designed to locate and bag Waterfalls, the Coffee Table book is less about how to get there but focuses more about on what it is like to be there.

Walks & Waterfalls aims to inspire the contemporary traveler seeking respite from modern living. Walks & Waterfalls Scotland presents a unique digital and out-door experience, and will be launched in 2020 designated the year of ‘Coast and Waters’ by Visit Scotland.  After the Scottish launch, Walks & Waterfalls will be rolled out the the rest of the UK, followed by world launch, creating a unique global brand.

Oscar van Heek has been nominated for the SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2019
Contact: [email protected] [/one_third_last][/column_row]

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[title type=”” size=”h4″ style=”title-ultraminimal” bigletter=”” alignment=”center”]苏格兰的 散步路径与瀑布[/title]







古往今来,瀑布往往是盟约派和逃犯常去的地方。法洛赫瀑布(Falloch Fall)因著名的罗布·罗伊(Rob Roy)而被命名为“罗布·罗伊的浴缸”。“约翰·诺克斯的讲坛”(John Knox’s Pulpit)是一个山洞,据说诺克斯曾在这里传教布道,而与这个著名山洞相毗邻的有一座与之相联的瀑布。



[spacer size=”small”]然而,直到狄更斯(Dickens)、华兹华斯(Wordsworth)、彭斯(Burns)和沃尔特·斯科特爵士(Sir Walter Scott)等著名作家在他们的作品中写到这些瀑布,以及特纳(Turner)和米莱斯(Milais)等画家开始画它们之后,维多利亚时代的游客们才蜂拥来到苏格兰。



然而,这些隐秘的自然瑰宝就在我们身边最令人意想不到的地点:高速公路旁、市中心附近,或是在隐蔽的小径深处。这些美景就在苏格兰这个最后的大荒原中,只待我们去发现。 [/one_third]


[spacer size=”small”]《散步路径与瀑布》在地图上标出那些隐蔽的景点和通往800多座瀑布的路线,并邀请当代的作家与艺术家们像维多利亚时代的人们一样对其加以描绘与歌颂,同时收集现有的故事、诗歌和神话,从而重新唤起这种维多利亚时代的热情。


© 奥斯卡·范·黑克(Oscar van Heek)
联系方式:[email protected]


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[title type=”” size=”h4″ style=”title-ultraminimal” bigletter=”” alignment=”center”]The Cauldron Linn[/title]

[title type=”” size=”h4″ style=”” bigletter=”” alignment=”center”]海釜瀑布[/title]

[title type=”alttitle” size=”h5″ style=”title-ultraminimal” bigletter=”” alignment=”center”]NT005 988[/title]


In a letter written in 1787, Robert Burns described a visit to the Cauldron Linn:

After breakfast we made a party to go and see Cauldron Linn, a remarkable cascade in the Devon about fives miles from Harviestoun; and after spending one of the most pleasant days I ever had in my life, I returned to Stirling in the evening.

The falls that once used to be on everyone’s itinerary, are no longer marked on any maps, and they are awkward to reach because the paths are overgrown. The best approach is from Muckhart Mill, but they can also be tackled from the footpaths along the spectacular Devon Valley Railway.

Harviestown itself, Burns would have been pleased to know, is now the location of an award-winning craft beer brewery. Had it been open in his day, Burns would have been sure to pay it a visit on his way to the Cauldron Linn.


罗伯特·彭斯(Robert Burns)在他1787年所写的一封信中描述了探访海釜瀑布的一次经历:


这座瀑布曾经是每个人的必游之处,然而现在已无法在任何地图上找到它的踪迹,并且由于通往瀑布的路上杂草丛生,也不易到达。最佳的路线是从莫克哈特磨坊(Muckhart Mill)过去,不过沿着景色壮观的德文谷铁路(Devon Valley Railway)

旁的小径也可到达。 现在的哈维伊斯特恩有一家屡获殊荣的精酿啤酒厂,彭斯如果获知这一消息肯定会很高兴。如果当年已有这家啤酒厂,彭斯一定会在去海釜瀑布的路上造访这里。[/one_half_last]



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