Wild Swimming

Wild swimming, already a growing phenomenon in the UK, has simply exploded since the start of lockdown in 2019.  More people than ever before are realising the health benefits of wild swimming. It’s widely known that cold immersions can do wonders for your immune system, but going into the wilds has even greater benefits for our well being.

A recent YouGov polling for the Mental Health Foundation found that being near lakes, rivers and the sea – ahead of time spent in gardens, parks and the countryside – was rated the highest by people in terms of having a positive impact on their mental health.

Scotland perhaps more so and other parts of the UK has an abundance of wild swimming spots, it’s just a matter of finding them. To this end Walks and Waterfalls has located more wild swimming spots than any other publication and is constantly adding to them.

Not only that but Walks and Waterfalls allow users to actively locate wild swimming locations using OS mapping, with digital leaderboards allowing users to bag wild swimming spots and win real prizes.

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